Hand Drawn Typography – Aces & Eights

A hand drawn type assignment.  We needed to hand drawn the type and then bring it in to  Adobe  Illustrator/Photoshop add style and colour.  I chose “Aces & Eights” as an old west saloon style sign.



Skateborder – Magazine Redesign

In my typography class, we had to choose a magazine and do a redesign of the cover, 2-page layout and index.

I chose SBC Skateborder.  The late summer 2012 issue with Adam Hopkins:

My redesign:


Pic by Cam Nikkel
Redesign by Skaboomatude


Redesign by Skaboomatude


Pic by Matt Macleod
Redesign by Skaboomatude

The PDFs are much clearer, I will post them at a later time.

A fool and his munny are soon parted…

Had a project in Graphic Design II to make a concept design for a munny to be created later. We had to start with several rough sketches

Rough Sketch Concepts

Then played around with some roughs and smoothed out the concepts. We needed one basic concept and then to produce 3 different designs based off it.

Life is a CabaretJester-colour 2

Then I went on to the 3 final designs:

Cabaret, Clown, Fool

A Fool and his Munny are soon parted…



Next semester we get to create the actual toy.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


This gallery contains 8 photos.

I had to make an opening title sequence for graphic design.  I chose Ninja turtles.  I modeled each turtle after a martial art fitting their personality.  I replaced the knee and elbow pads with hand and foot wraps and went with a … Continue reading

Metamorphosis- Fat Angry Cheeseburger Gamer

Assignment was to create a metamorphosis illustration. I chose “You are what you eat”. Using an angry gamer type who spends more time playing online video games then socializing with peers and being active while consuming energy drinks combined with a greasy cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger Kid

Traditionally Hand Drawn, Scanned and Digitally Coloured


Copyright Skaboomatude 2012 – Bats Bounce off Me!

Vincent Price Charicature

Had  an assignment to create a caricature of a famous person in a setting of their lifestyle they are not well known for.  I chose Vincent Price who in the 60’s wrote several cookbooks with is second wife, Mary.

Vincent Price – Line art Scan

The scan of my original Vincent Price line art

I used speedball ink with my calligraphy set, I got some ink in places it had no business being, so I scanned it in to fix the line art

Vincent Price – Fixed Line Art

The files after I fixed the ink boo-boos

I printed the fixed line art and coloured it in.

Vincent Price – Colour

The final colour Vincent Price

I took the final pic with my phone as I have not gotten a chance to scan it in.  I used Derwent Inktence Watersoluble Ink Pencils for the colour

All images copyright Skaboomatude 2012

Bats Bounce off me!